Ananya Marathi Movie 2022

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Ananya Marathi Movie (2022)
The Story revolving around the life of a kind and sweet girl living with her family and her life get into trouble after an incident- but she overcomes the odds and difficulties with her will and fate, leading to consequences.

  • Producer: Sanjay Chhabria, Dhruv Das, Ravi Jadhav
  • Director: Pratap Phad
  • Star Cast: Amey Wagh, Hruta Durgule, Chetan Chitnis,Yogesh Soman,Suvrat Joshi,Rucha Apte,Renuka Daftardar
  • Release date: Releases 22 Jul 2022 (India)

  • चित्रपट:अनन्या
  • निर्माते:संजय छाब्रिया ,ध्रुव दास ,रवी जाधव
  • दिग्दर्शक : प्रताप फड
  • कलाकार : अमेय वाघ ,ऋता दुर्गुळे,वैभव मांगले,भालचंद्र कदम,मनमीत पेम
  • प्रदर्शन दिनांक: २९ जुलै २०२२
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