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What is Unicode? Unicode is a character encoding standard that has widespread acceptance. Its also the computer typed language. Microsoft software system uses Unicode at its core. They store letters and other characters by assigning a number for each one. Before Unicode was invented, there were hundreds of different encoding systems for assigning these numbers. Later on languages made in Unicoded Texts.

What is Kruti? Kruti Dev is Devanagari typeface and non-Unicode clip font typeface which uses the keyboard layout of Remington's typewriters. Its basically local language system format. In north Indian states many public service commissions conduct their clerk, stenographer, data entry operator's typing exams using the Kruti Dev typeface.

Why kruti dev to unicode Needed? If you are designer or writer of the reginal languages like Marathi, Hindi, Tamil & Tegulu. To type such languages for maching formats need wo convert from Unicode to Krutidev. Many regional fonts doesnt support the Unicode as its computer coded language. Then you must need to convert it into Krutidev converter.