Citylight Marathi Film Festival

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Citylight Marathi Film FestivalIt is the first year of the approaching Citylight Marathi Film Festival, where seven vintage faction movies and also seven recompense winning new movies will be demonstrated for a week beginning from June 12 to June 19 at Citylight, which has been furnished with the innovation to show movies in 4 K resolutions. At a public interview held at the venue to declare this celebration, Sai Thakur congratulated senior writers Kamleshwar Nadkarni and Sudhir Nandgaonkar, who have helped selecting the movies for the celebrations and the backers Makrand Vagasthal, General Manager of Kohinoor gathering of Hotels and Pankaj Kapoor, Marketing head of Reliance, additionally Gajendra Ahire, chief of “Anvatt” and Shekhar Jyothi, maker.

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