गोंदिया जंक्शन

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Gondia railway station serves Gondia in Gondia district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is one of the important railway stations in india of central zone railways. These stations is india’s third and first in vidarbh to get mist cooling system.

गोंदिया रेल्वे हा रेल्वेमार्ग एकत्र मिळण्याचे ठिकाण म्हणून ओळखला जातो . गोंदिया जंक्शन मुंबई पासून सुमारे १ ६ o o   किमी अंतरावर आहे. गोंदिया नागपूर पासून १ ५ o   किमी अंतरावर आहे. तसेच पुणे पासून १ o o  o   किमी अंतरावर . गोंदिया तादूळ मिल्स करिता खूप प्रख्यात आहे . खाली गोंदियाच्या जंक्शनची काही चित्रे दिली आहेत .

गोंदिया जंक्शन कोड : G

About: Gondia Railway Junction:

The district headquarter is situated at Gondia situated on the broad gauge Mumbai – Howrah  railwayroute which is 1060 km from Mumbai, capital of state. There is a broad gauge line heading south to Nagbhir and a Broad gauge track from Balaghat to Gondia is 41 k.M.Gondia is 150 km from Nagpur and 1000km from Pune.Gondia is also known as Rice city, as it is a rice producing district and has about 250 rice mills near the vicinity of city.
Station code = G

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