अशाच एका बेटावर

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Ashach Eka Betavar is Suspense and  Thriller movie.   Thrilling journey of a stunning mystery is presented in this marathi feature film. A group of strangers land on a deserted island, which is covered with dense forests but surprisingly has a luxurious bungalow and series of unexpected events surrounds them quickly.

Upcoming Marathi Movie: Ashach Eka Betavar

MovieAshach Eka Betavar
चित्रपट : अशाच एका बेटावर
प्रस्तुती: श्रुती फिम्स
प्रस्तुतकर्ता : लीना बाला नंदगावकर, दिवाकर सावंत , जावेद पठाण
दिग्दर्शक  : संजय  हिंगे
कलाकार : संजय नार्वेकर, अंकुश चौधरी , मधुरा वेलणकर , सई ताम्हनकर,  संजय मोने , यतीन यार्नेकर , मंगेश देसाई
प्रस्तुती दिनांक : 8 फेब २०१३.
संकेतथळ : http://www.ashachekabetavar.com
संगीत : मिलिंद जोशी

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Read Story of the Movie :

Nine people- from different areas , one destination- an separated isle and horrible activities to adhere to in such a way that ‘then there were none’.

They are in all nine individuals from the active town of Mumbai , that belong to different sections of the community. There is a gal in look for of a job. There is a bar professional dancer. A Cop, a researcher, a outdated assess, a physician, an suggest and a scams. They are all going towards a typical location, which is an separated isle. What delivers them all here, is a secret. Did any previous occurring in their lifestyle, delivers them here?

New Marathi movie ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ , depending on ‘Agatha Christie’s novel, originates this secret, through this activity loaded thriller.

Movie : Ashach Eka Betavar
Banner : Srushti Films
Produced By : Leena Bala Nandgaonkar.
Directed By : Sanjay Hinge
Star Cast : Sanjay Narvekar, Ankush Chaudhari, Madhura Velankar-Satam, Sai Tamhankar, Sanjay Mone
Music : Milind Joshi
Lyrics : Rohini Ninaave, Sadanand Dabir, Milind Joshi
Singers : Devaki Pandit, Mahalaxmi Iyyer
Category  : Suspense, Thriller
Release Date : 8 February 2013

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