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Rita ( Marathi) Movie

Rita ( Marathi) Movie Review

She is terrific! She is awesome!! The best object about her acting is that she expresses emotions so well through her eyes. Indeed, Renuka Shahane as a film maker found her choice right with Pallavi Joshi to play the central character of Rita Welinkar, in the film �Rita�. The author backed role of Rita, based on the original novel written by Shanta Gokhale( Renuka�s mother) has been well crafted on screen by Renuka Shahane who has made her debut as a director through this film. The film begins with a sanatorium scene, where Rita( Pallavi Joshi) at 40,is recuperating from hysterical behaviour. It is almost like treating her to overcome her anxiety and grief. With the only regular visitor in the form of her youngest sister Sangita( Sai Tamhankar) , she recovers and aspires to meet her old friend Saraswati( Renuka Shahane) , before she could start a new life.So, she writes a big letter. That�s how the story of Rita unfolds. Shankar Welinkar ( Mohan Agashe) who calls himself Shanks just to show off in the society, lives like a Saheb enjoying his social status by attending parties along with his wife( Suhasini Muley) and making his eldest daughter Rita to look after their three kids at home, with the youngest one( Sangita) still in the cradle. When Rita�s father loses his job and is unable to find another one, the family is in trouble. At 17, Rita takes up typing and stenography and finds a suitable job to support the family. It is in this company she is promoted as a Secretary to Manager Vitthal Salvi, a kind hearted boss. Salvi helps Rita to overcome all family problems and even encourages her to complete her graduation and find another good job. He even helps Rita to manage the weddings of her two sisters. Life goes on well as Rita who is so close to Vitthal also visits his family and even looks after his wife well during her operation. But, when Vithhal�s son comes to know about the relationship between his father and Rita, he bangs the door at Rita, when she visits their place.

Rita�s sister Sangita, realizing the cunning attitude of her parents and knowing about the space that her sister needed, suggests her to buy a flat to have her privacy with Vitthal. Soon Rita becomes more possessive about Vitthal and forces him to accept their relationship boldly without any fear with marriage by divorcing his wife or with a clear conscience. Vitthal does not agree to this proposal and that�s where she turns hysterical. It is only after Saraswati�s arrival during her discharge from sanatorium that she identifies herself and accepts the reality and the people around her. Pallavi Joshi has got this lifetime role in the form of a precious gift from her friend and she has reciprocated with a finest performance. Renuka has limited scope as an actress but as a director she has done an excellent job on debut. Jackie Shroff perfectly suits in the character of Salvi, clearly displaying his kind hearted nature and his perfect personality to suit the role of a boss. In the film, the director instead of glorifying the relationship between Salvi and Rita, has focused more on the circumstances under which they come together and later the natural human tendency to fall in love with a person who does so much for you. The film has openly advertised a tea brand in some of the scenes.

While Mohan Agashe and Suhasini Muley have supported well with their so natural looking performances, the Pick of the supporting lot is Sai Tamhankar, who plays a sensible an understanding Sangita. Makarand Deshpande, Tushar Dalvi and Pushkar Shroti are good with their guest appearances. The film has superlative music by Taufiq Quereshi to match with the ambience created by the director wherever required. It looks like , with the release of �Rita�; Marathi film industry seems to be taking a new route of intelligent cinema.

Presenter: Walkwater
Producers: Aarti Shetty, Pooja Shetty Devara
Director: Renuka Sahane
Story: Based on Marathi Novel ‘Rita Velvinkar’ by Shanta Gokhale
Cast: Pallavi Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Jacky Shorff, Sai Tamhankar, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Tushar Dalvi…
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