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Bal Gandharva Movie

Bal Gandharva movie

The much awaited movie Bal Gandharva is all set to entertain the audience from May 6th 2011 onwards and it can be considered as one of the biggest and eagerly awaited Marathi movie of the year. The primary reason for the movie to be gaining more weightage is the due to the director Ravi Jadhav.

The movie Bal Gandharva is the second movie of Ravi after his debut Natarang in the year 2010 and the latter is about the hardships of Tamasha performers and the movie has become a cult classic in the Marathi filmdom.

The movie Bal Gandharva is an ambitious biopic of Ravi Jadhav and is produced by Nitin Desai. The story is about Narayan Shripad Rajhans, who was famously known as Bal Gandharva during 1897 – 1967. During those times, Narayan Shripad Rajhans revolutionized Marathi theatre in the initial times of 20th century with his unrestrained musical productions and elegant depiction of women characters.

Ravi’s movie Bal Gandharva is a musical saga and is all prepared to entertain the audience globally. The movie is going to be screened at various Film Festivals across the globe and the first event the movie is going to participate is in the New York Indian Film Festival which is going to begin on May 8th followed by Cannes and Venice in the second half of this year.

Ravi’s excitement about this movie is seamless as the project had highly respected producer Nitin Desai on board as producer especially in Bollywood. Ravi says Nitin Desai promised that the movie would come out as ‘a work of art’. In the end, the duo – Ravi Jadhav and Nitin Desai have taken Mahesh Limaye, as Cinematographer who has worked for Natarang and Dabangg earlier.

Mahesh Limaye is a painter as well and this experience has come to good use as he had a good opportunity to explore diffused lights and gentle colors to show the essence of an epoch feel. “I have tried to give the film the same look as a Raja Ravi Verma painting” says Limaye. “Old black-and-white pictures of Bal Gandharva and paintings of those times helped.”

The movie also depends seriously on the Natya Sangeet musical practice, with three new songs and 14 originals sung by Bal Gandharva in his various plays. “Composer Kaushal Inamdar has been like a scriptwriter on this project, with the story moving forward via his music and songs,” says Jadhav.

Bal Gandharva, however, is tipped to be one of the most expensive Marathi films ever.

Music: KAUSHAL INAMDAR Singers – Anand Bhate, Shankar ,
Language: Marathi,
Genre: Drama,
Actors: Subodh Bhave,�Atharva Karve,�Anand Abhyankar,�Nitin Chandrakant Desai,�Abhijeet Kelkar,�Sidharth Chandekar,�Vidyadhar Joshi,�Kishor Kadam,�Sagar Talashikar,�Avinash Narkar.
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