क्षण मराठी मूवी

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kshan marathi movie

Kshan is a marathi movie. Kshan which literally means moment is a story about moments in lives of Nilu, Nikhil and Vihanga. Vihanga is an performing artist, struggling to establish as a poet and singer. He has a day job and managing to perform in stage shows. Nilambari or Nilu is a college student few years junior to Vihanga and they fall in love with each other.

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क्षण मराठी मूवीकास्ट:    * प्रसाद  ओअक
* दीपा  परब
* सुबोध  भावे
* उदय  सबनीस
* अभिजीत  चवन
* सुरेख  राणे
* नीलम  शिर्के
* अरुण नलावडेविभाग  :  कॉमेडी /रोमांस
फॉर्मेट : DVD
भाषा  : मराठी
सेंसर बोर्ड : उ
वर्ष : २००६
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